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Blurb about SATA

Serving aerosol marketers and fillers located in the Southeastern U.S.,
Southern Aerosol Technical Association (SATA) is the leading technical
organization dedicated solely to the advancement of the aerosol industry.
SATA's primary purpose is to provide a forum for the presentation
and sharing of information between manufacturers, formulators and
marketers of aerosol products.

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Aerosol 101

March 15, 2017

Why Use the Aerosol Packaging?
Aerosol Can Technology: 2-piece and 3-piece steel
Valves and Actuators/BOV
Aerosol Overcaps
Regulatory Overview
Formula Considerations
Aluminum Can Technology
Propellants Use and Safety
Production and Filling Technology

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Spring Meeting

March 16, 2017

Recycling Panel
Canadian and Mexican Regulatory Overview
Micro Detector
Training Software
Design of Experiment
CSPA Update
Regulatory Roundtable

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EPA Amends the Risk Management Program [RMP] Rule

EPA Amends the Risk Management Program [RMP] Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has amended its Risk Management Program [RMP] regulations. The revisions contain substantial changes to the Accidental Release Prevention Requirements: Risk Management Programs Under the Clean Air Act.

All RMP-regulated entities are affected.

The Final Rule has been published in the Federal Register on January 13, 2017 and the effective date is March 14, 2017.

The Final Rule includes the following new elements:
·        Third-party Audits
·        Root Cause Analysis
·        Safer Technology and Alternatives Analysis
·        Coordination Activities with Local Emergency Response Agencies
·        Notification, Tabletop and Field Exercises with Local Emergency Response Agencies
·        Information Disclosure on Chemical Hazards
·        Public Meetings for local community within 30 days of a RMP-Reportable Accident

Full Details:
The full text of the Final Rule is available at:

Deadline Approaches for California’s Reporting Requirements on VOCs in Multi-purpose Lubricants

Deadline Approaches for California's Reporting Requirements on VOCs in Multi-purpose Lubricants

On December 30, 2016, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) posted materials related to the upcoming special reporting requirements for multi-purpose lubricant products. These products are subject to a volatile organic compound (VOC) limit of 10% by weight which becomes effective on December 31, 2018.
The data required under the special reporting requirements must be submitted by March 31, 2017.
Doug Raymond
Raymond Regulatory Resources (3R), LLC
Home office: 440-474-4999
Mobile: 440-339-4539


Action Required for Companies that Use Non-standard Product Date Codes


Action Required for Companies that Use
Non-Standard Product Date Codes

That time of year is here again - Date-Code Submission time. Remember date code information needs to be reported to CARB every year by your company if you do not use CARB's standard date coding. For California, section 94512 (b) product dating, specifically requires all consumer products to be sold in the state to display the day, month, and year the product was manufactured or a code indicating the date of manufacture. If not using CARB's standard code then your code needs to be reported to CARB Enforcement section by January 31 of each year.
The date or date-code information shall be located on the container or inside the cover/cap so that it is readily observable or obtainable (by simply removing the cap/cover) without irreversibly disassembling any part of the container or packaging. Information may be displayed on the bottom of a container as long as it is clearly legible without removing any product packaging.
CARB's standard code that has to be represented separately from other codes on the product container so that it is easily recognizable is the following: YY DDD = Year Year Day Day Day. A manufacturer who uses this standard CARB code to indicate the date of manufacture does not have to report this code.

Failure to register a date code is subject to a fine. Your date code explanation needs to be submitted to the Enforcement on an annual basis, on or before January 31st of each year. Send to Sherry Bercu via Her phone number is (916) 229-0343.

Consumer Products Enforcement Section
California Air Resources Board
P.O. Box 2815
Sacramento, CA 95812

OTC States do not have an annual reporting of the date code that is company specific. However, most of these states require a one time filing of the company specific date code. In addition, both California and most of the OTC require reporting of any new or modified company specific codes.

Then there is New Jersey which has the following requirement. New Jersey requires an electronic registration on a NJDEP form posted at:

This form must be filed if:
• Non-registered companies intend to begin selling products in New Jersey, the company must register with NJDEP before offering the products for sale in the state; or
• Currently registered companies begin to manufacture a product for sale in New Jersey that was not listed in the original registration, or information provided in the registration changes, then the company must submit a revised registration within 90 days of the change.

Doug Raymond
Raymond Regulatory Resources (3R), LLC
Home office: 440-474-4999
Mobile: 440-339-4539


Letter from Doug Raymond

CARB Reporting

On December 30, 2016, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) released their Reporting Tool for Multi-purpose Lubricants. This Reporting Tool is similar to their survey which has been conducted for the last three years.
This report is mandatory for all responsible parties that sold Multi-purpose Lubricant into California in 2016.  The report is due by March 31, 2017.  In addition any formulator that formulates a Multi-purpose Lubricant for a marketer that sells into California needs to report the formula by March 31, 2017, as well.  This may be difficult if the formulator is not aware of the client selling the product in California.
In this report you must provide all R & D efforts that are ongoing to meet the future effective VOC limit of 10% effective December 31, 2018.  This includes costs.
Call with questions.
Doug Raymond
Raymond Regulatory Resources (3R), LLC
Home office: 440-474-4999
Mobile: 440-339-4539

Multi-Purpose Lubricant Reporting



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Elena Badiuzzi handing over gavel to newly elected SATA President, Pierce Pillon

2016 Founder’s Award-Fred Spohr

Gene Towns accepts the 2016 SATA Founder's
Award for Fred Spohr on behalf of his family
as presented by Elena Badiuzzi.

2016 Founder’s Awards

2016 SATA Founder's Awards

2016 Founder’s Award-Ralph Beard

Larry Beaver presents Jan Beard with
the 2016 SATA Founder's Award in
honor of her late husband, Ralph Beard.

2016 Innovation Awards Recipients

1st Annual SATA Innovation Awards

Advancement in Formulation

Eric Dann presents the 2016 Innovation Award Advancement in Formulation to Patrick Mallon, ITW Global Tire Repair, for their product Fix-A-Flat.

Advancement in Regulatory Response

Eric Dann presents the 2016 Innovation Award Advancement in Regulatory Response to Jason White, Spectrum Brands, for their product Repel.

New Pressurized Package Category or Application

Eric Dann presents the 2016 Innovation Award New Pressurized Package Category or Application to Doug Leonard, Mission Pharmacal Company, for their product Dr. Smith's Diaper Rash Spray.

Innovation Awards Group Picture

Congratulations to the winners of the 1st annual SATA Innovation Awards!

Current Member Companies (title)

Current Member Companies

1st Row Current Member Companies

ABC Compounding Company
Access Business Group
Adams Technology Systems
Admiral Products Inc.
Aerofil Technology Inc.*
Aeropres Corporation
Airosol Company Inc.
American Jetway Corporation*
Apollo Industries Inc.*
Aptar Beauty + Home*
ARC Consulting
ARI Packaging
Arylessence Inc.*
Axiall Corporation
Ball Corporation
BASF Corporation
Bengal Products Inc.
Berry Plastics Corporation
BOV Solutions*
Bway Corporation
Calumet Specialty Products
Cap & Seal Company
CCL Container
Central Life Sciences
Chemours Company, The
Clayton Corporation
Clean Earth Inc.*
Cobra Plastics
CRC Industries
Cross Oil
Crown Cork & Seal Company
CyCan Industries

2nd Row Current Member Companies

Delkor Systems
Diversified CPC*
DS Containers Inc.*
Elevance Renewable Sciences
eStyle Caps & Closures
Exal Corporation
Fareva Richmond
Fiber-Shield Industries
Formulated Solutions
Graham Packaging
Grand River Rubber
Harris Testing Laboratories
Haumiller Engineering
ITW Paslode
ITW Pro Brands*
ITW Sexton
ITW Techspray*
KCI Inc.
King Industries
Langguth Labelers
Lindal Group
McKernan Packaging
Mexichem Fluor
Monson Companies
Montebello Packaging
Nexeo Solutions
Nexreg Compliance Inc.

3rd row Current Member Companies

PLZ Aeroscience Corporation
Precision Valve NA
Procter & Gamble Company, The
Rackow Polymers Corporation
RB Products Inc.
Raymond Regulatory Resources (3R)
Recycle Aerosol
Research Solutions Group
Rosemount Analytical Inc.
RSC Chemical Solutions*
Sea-Land Chemical
Sherwin-Williams Company, The
Shield Packaging Company
Southern Aerosols
Spray-Lock Inc.
Spray Products Corporation
Stepan Company
Stoner Inc.
Summit Packaging Systems
Technical Chemical Company
Teknor Apex
Terco Inc.
XL Brands
Youngstown Prepress Inc.
Zep Inc.
Zippo Manufacturing Company


*Corporate Members