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Serving all aerosol marketers and fillers, Southern Aerosol Technical Association (SATA) is one of the oldest technical organization dedicated solely to the advancement of the aerosol industry. SATA's primary purpose is to provide a forum for the presentation and sharing of information between manufacturers, formulators and marketers of aerosol products.







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2018 SATA Fall Meeting
September 18-20








Agenda Topics include but are not limited to:

    • CAPCO Update ◊ Sean Fitzgerald, CAPCO
    • Sustainability and Growth ◊ Brian Newsome, Westlake Chemical
    • HCPA Update (UL Wercs) ◊ Steve Bennett, HCPA
    • What’s New in Solvents? ◊ David Shaw, Diversified CPC
    • GHS Worldwide – the Challenge of Global Compliance ◊ Mae Hrycak, Nexreg
    • Regulatory Update ◊ Doug Raymond, 3R
    • Regulatory Roundtable ◊ Lori Parker and Dan Padgett, Moderators
    • State Product Labeling Regulations ◊ Karyn Schmidt, American Chemistry Council
    • Pressurized Packaging, Beyond Sprays ◊ Scott Carpenter, Formulated Solutions
    • Propellants - Past, Present and Future ◊ Bill Auriemma, Diversified CPC
    • Kigali  Agreement – What Happens Now? ◊ Helen Walter-Terrinoni, The Chemours Company
    • Cyber-Security for Your Life ◊ Ray Rannala, FutureNet Group
    • Process Safety ◊ Jena Dorrin, Dekra
    • Leak Detection Systems ◊ TBD, Emerson

       … more to come and subject to change





SATA will present three Innovation Awards at the Fall Meeting to companies in the aerosol industry. The SATA Aerosol Innovation Awards are a natural extension of our Mission “To provide forums for the development and sharing of technical, regulatory and marketing information to enhance and promote the growth of the aerosol industry.” This will be accomplished by acknowledging and sharing with our membership new aerosol innovations in the area of:

Advancement in Formulation

Advancement in Regulatory Response

New Pressurized Package Category or Application

Winners will be recognized among a group of peers at the Fall Meeting, featured on the SATA website and in our newsletter. The product being nominated must have launched to trade by September 2016.

Nominations are open now until August 1st on the SATA website. Members and non-Members of SATA are eligible to nominate their own or another company’s product.

There is no cost to participate and there is no limit to the number of nominations you can enter.


If you would like to nominate more than one company please click on the image description button to the right of the entries to add another row. Once you have finished click on the submit button.
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2017 Board of Directors

Front Row: Pierce Pillon, Matt Morris, Irene Bolling;  Back Row: Ryan Dailey, Bob Reynolds, Ed Freesmeier, Larry Beaver, Dan Padgett, Doug Raymond, Jeff Colker, Dick Christensen;         Missing: Elena Badiuzzi, Jack Finnell, Abby Haywood, Ruben Morales, Brad Nash



2017 Officers

Ryan Dailey, Vice-President; Larry Beaver, Secretary; Doug Raymond, Vice-President; Pierce Pillon, President; Missing: Elena Badiuzzi, Vice-President; Abby Haywood, Treasurer


Pierce Pillon presents Irene Bolling with the 2017 Founder's Award for her numerous years of service and dedication on the SATA Board.



2017 SATA Awards


Pierce Pillon presents Lori Parker with a commemorative plaque for her service and dedication on the SATA Board for the last nine years.


2nd Annual SATA Innovation Awards


Dan Padgett presents the 2017 Innovation Award Advancement in Formulation to Steve Cook, ITW Techspray, for their product PWR-4 Aviation Degreaser.



Jack Finnell presents the 2017 Innovation Award Advancement in Regulatory Response to Allen Price, RSC Chemical Solutions, for their product LIQUID WRENCH® ProPenetrant & Lubricant powered by FlashSight Technology.



Doug Raymond presents the 2017 Innovation Award New Pressurized Package Platform to Scott Carpenter, Formulated Solutions, for their's and Bayer Consumer HealthCare's product Coppertone Whipped Lotion.


Current Member Companies

ABC Compounding Company

Adams Technology Systems
Admiral Products Inc.
Aero Tech Labs
Aerofil Technology Inc.
Aeropres Corporation
Airosol Company Inc.
American Jetway
Aptar Beauty + Home
ARI Packaging
Arylessence Inc. 
Ball Corporation
Ball Food & Aerosol 
BASF Corporation
Bayer Consumer Health
Bengal Products Inc. 
Berry Global Inc.
Blaster Corporation
Bushman Consulting
Bway Corporation
Cap & Seal LP 
CCL Container
Central Life Sciences
Chemours Company, The
Clayton Corporation
Clean Earth Inc. 
Cobra Plastics
Coster USA
CRC Industries
Crown Cork & Seal Company
CyCan Industries

Diversified CPC
DS Containers Inc. 
Euscher Group
Eveready Products Corporation
Evoke Chemical
Exal Corporation
Formulated Solutions
Gebauer Company
GetSome Products
Graham Packaging
Haumiller Engineering Company
ITW Pro Brands
ITW Techspray
KCI Incorporated
KIK Custom Products
King Industries
Label Masters
Langguth Labelers
Lindal Group
MBC Aerosol 
McKernan Packaging
Mexichem Fluor Inc.
Monson Companies
Nexeo Solutions
Nexreg Compliance



Palmer Holland
Petra Oil Company
Plastipak Packaging
Plaze Georgia 

PLZ Aeroscience Corporation
Precision Global
Procter & Gamble Company, The
Rackow Polymers Corporation  
Raymond Regulatory Resources (3R)
Recycle Aerosol
Research Solutions Group
RSC Bio Solutions
RSC Chemical Solutions 
Sea-Land Chemical
SEM Products Inc.
Shield Packaging Company
Southern Aerosols
Spray Quimica
Spray Technology
Spray-Lock Inc.
Stepan Company
Summit Packaging Systems
Technical Chemical Company
Terco Inc.
Towns Consulting
XL Brands
Youngstown Prepress Inc.
Zep Inc.
Zhejiang Yonghe Refrigerant Company