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2018-2019 SATA Board of Directors

Sitting: Abby Haywood, Irene Bolling, Elena Badiuzzi
Standing: Doug Raymond, Dan Padgett, Matt Morris, Pierce Pillon, Jack Finnell, Brad Nash, Ed Freesmeier, Ryan Dailey, Scott Koerper, Ruben Morales, Jeff Colker
Missing: Allen Price, Bob Reynolds


2018-2019 SATA Officers

Abby Haywood, Treasurer; Dan Padgett, Secretary; Jack Finnell, Vice-President; Doug Raymond, President; Matt Morris, Vice-President; Ryan Dailey, Vice-President


Past Presidents
Past Presidents
Founder's Award Recipients
Founder's Award Recipients
Innovation Award Recipients
Innovation Award Recipients

About Our Association

In 1981, four Aerosol Industry icons determined there was mutual benefit and strength derived from joining together to work on common industry issues. Over the ensuing 30+ years, the Southern Aerosol Technical Association (SATA) has remained one of the oldest and largest regional Aerosol Associations. The SATA organization is made up of custom fillers, marketers and vendors.

SATA is primarily a forum for the presentation of technical advancements in the manufacture, formulation and marketing of aerosol products.

The membership meets twice yearly with the stated Mission of providing forums for the sharing of technical, regulatory and marketing information for the enhancement, promotion and growth of the aerosol industry.

SATA Vision

  • SATA is a proactive organization that promotes actions and activities affecting the aerosol industry by maintaining an agenda that communicates the facts about the positive aspects of the aerosol package.
  • SATA is committed to membership growth by encouraging the participation of a diverse mix of contract fillers, marketers, consultants, industry experts, aerosol related associations, aerosol publications, and vendors to the aerosol industry.
  • SATA Board of Directors will be a working team of volunteers from the membership, representing a balance of aerosol manufacturers, industry expert and vendors to the industry promoting membership involvement and stewardship of the aerosol package.
  • SATA will deliver high quality and diverse programs and communications, which are designed to educate members on the latest technological, regulatory and legislative developments that affect the aerosol industry.
  • SATA will network with other aerosol organizations to continually build true working alliances with unified goals and expectations for the aerosol industry.

Who We Are

  • The Southern Aerosol Technical Association is primarily a forum for the presentation and sharing of information between manufacturers, formulators and marketers of aerosol products.
  • Topics addressed at the SATA meetings are not limited to those that may be strictly ‘technical’ in nature. In other words, you don’t need to be an aerosol chemist to derive value from attending a SATA meeting. It is worth noting that presentations given at meetings are not intended to be commercial advertisements but rather technical presentations on subjects that are relevant to the advancement of the aerosol industry in general.
  • Some of the topics presented at a SATA meeting will address the marketing of aerosol products with respect to the safety and use of the aerosol package, advancements in aerosol recycling and public relations efforts on behalf of the aerosol industry as a whole.
  • Key presentations and updates in the arena of regulatory developments are one of the main features presented at each meeting. At the end of each meeting a special open forum is offered. It's known as the ‘regulatory roundtable discussion’. The regulatory roundtable session presents attendees with the opportunity to discuss any variety of specialized regulatory issues that may not have been addressed during the general meeting.
  • The SATA organization is one of several similar aerosol organizations in the industry. Its primary emphasis is on the dissemination of information related to cutting edge technologies reflective of advancements in state-of-the-art manufacturing, safety, formulating and marketing practices.

SATA Mission

To provide forums for the development and sharing of technical, regulatory and marketing information to enhance and promote the growth of the aerosol industry.