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Benefits of Membership

◊ Educational classes designed for aerosol manufacturers AND marketers.

◊ Methods and applications from industry experts for production and marketing of aerosol products.

◊ Information and updates from industry and non-industry organizations (i.e. Spray Technology).

◊ Two annual events with industry leaders for educational and networking purposes.

SATA is one of the oldest and largest regional Aerosol Associations. The organization is made up of custom fillers, marketers and vendors. SATA is primarily a forum for the presentation of technical advancements in the manufacture, formulation and marketing of aerosol products.

SATA keeps members up to date on the latest technological, regulatory and legislative developments that affect the aerosol industry. The SATA newsletter and website are valuable resources for accurate regulatory information and cutting edge technological updates. Our publications also keep members informed on the sources and uses of new and alternative raw materials.

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