Admiral Products, Inc. is geared up and ready to help you communicate with your markets. Whether you are selling a product, service or an idea, our team is driven by your need for superior quality printed materials that communicate your message. We will complete your product labels, collateral, newsletters or direct mail to your standards on time and within budget. Admiral has been serving customers throughout the USA since 1950.

From concept to commercialization, we’re more than a contract packager. We’re known as the most responsive, collaborative, and operationally excellent independent aerosol and liquid contract filler in the North American market.


Producer and supplier of propellants and chemicals to the aerosol, petrochemical and plastic foam markets.

Now, more than ever, your brands must compete. Nothing gives you greater leverage in the marketplace than a winning fragrance. It’s what consumers love about your products and what they always look for.

Today, Arylessence planners and perfumers can re-shape your fragrance platform, improve product performance, and strengthen your connections with consumers – as you effectively manage your fragrance investment.

Let us apply our skills and planning tools to help you move your business ahead.

With 1, 2 and 3-piece cans, Ball has the world’s most diverse aerosol portfolio.  Our bandwidth extends from personal care and household products to industrial solutions. At Ball, we always start by emphasizing best practices to meet industry and consumer requirements.  Then we push the envelope to combine dazzling high-definition designs with awarding-winning, revolutionary innovations.  Ball manufactures both steel and aluminum aerosol packaging that can be filled with a diverse range of products.

Ball’s newest two-piece aerosol can has all the right elements for customers and consumers around the world. G3-HD is our next generation of tinplate aerosol packaging.  The integrated dome design, a result of our high-speed, coil-to-can manufacturing process, features high-definition graphics that exceed customers’ growing expectations. Moving beyond traditional two-piece aerosol manufacturing, G3-HD is designed to control sidewall thickness to accommodate various specifications. G3 is available in multiple sizes and utilizes Ball’s advanced technology to provide a brighter and whiter canvas for outstanding customer graphics.  G3 is infinitely recyclable and promotes superior, eight-color, high-definition artwork.

Ball Corporation is the largest producer of 3-piece steel aerosol cans in the Americas, and Ball Aerocan Europe is the leading supplier of extruded aluminum aerosol cans. And they’re all infinitely recyclable. Ball’s development of the world’s first lighter weight aluminum aerosol can using recycled content expresses our commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Aerosol Markets Served: ∙ Automotive ∙ Food ∙ Personal Care ∙  Household Products ∙ Industrial ∙ Insect Sprays ∙ Paint ∙ Pharma

Blumenthal Holdings Company, established in 2010, invests in businesses and technologies that are centered around solving big problems through innovative ideas and a nimble response to the markets they serve. Blumenthal Brands Integrated (BBI) business division is the official licensing partner of powerful, problem-solving brands for both professional and DIY applications, including GUNK® cleaners and degreasers, LIQUID WRENCH® penetrants and lubricants, and TITESEAL® tire sealants and protective coatings.

Aerosol mounting cups and special metal closures

Clean Earth is one of the largest specialty waste companies in the United States providing remediation, disposal, recycling, and beneficial reuse solutions for contaminated soil, dredged material, and hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Everyday Clean Earth takes a hands-on, dedicated approach to recycling and beneficially reusing waste that would otherwise go into landfills. Our vast portfolio of technologies and services touches nearly every industry that generates waste including energy, infrastructure, commercial, industrial, retail, and healthcare markets.


Contact Diversified CPC Intl. for high purity hydrocarbon aerosol propellants to meet your formulation requirements.

In 2005, DS Containers opened the doors to a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Batavia, IL. Using proprietary technology developed by their Japanese partner, Daiwa Can Company, the 236,000 square-foot facility produces a unique two-piece steel aerosol can that has made a significant impact on the North American market.

After 10 years of success, they were expanding and needed additional space. Just one mile northeast of their headquarters, in West Chicago, they broke ground for a 300,278 square-foot build-to-suit distribution center and a 250,000 square-foot build-to-suit plant for future aerosol manufacturing lines.

DSC produces a two-piece container with no side-seam, an integral dome, corrosion resistant interior, and a contemporary shape. Customized printing in up to eight colors, as well as a pressure release option, is available. They offer the shortest lead times and lowest minimum orders for printed cans. Six sizes, 205x604, 205x710, 211x315, 211x413, 211x604, and 211x713, are currently produced.

While initially focused on the aerosol market, this distinctive container is easily adaptable to liquid products. It offers marketers a consumer-preferred alternative to the traditional three-piece can.

Markets Served: • Automotive • Duster • Food • Household Products • Industrial • Insect Sprays • Paint • Personal Care

Manufacturer of aluminum containers

At Formulated Solutions, we INNOVATE – FORMULATE – CREATE highly differentiated branded consumer healthcare products that deliver both customer and consumer value. Founded in 1999 as a product development consulting firm, Formulated Solutions is now widely known as one of the most innovative contract development and manufacturing organizations in North America.

With over 600 million units of annualized production capacity, Formulated Solutions exists to enhance consumer healthcare products through creativity and invention, delivering its marketing partners unmatched formulations, innovative packaging and a cost-effective, reliable supply of semi-solids, aerosols and barrier aerosol package forms. We own no brands and commit 30% of our R&D resources to speculative development so that we are perpetually “connecting the dots” between innovative ideas and disruptive technologies, setting the stage for creation of truly breakthrough product platforms that we offer to our carefully chosen list of brand partners.

Mauser Packaging Solutions, formed by BWAY, Mauser Group, NCG and ICS, brings unparalleled packaging performance and innovation to redefine sustainability for customers. From new packaging made from recycled content, to reconditioning, reuse, recycling and professional disposal, we provide customized solutions that have a positive impact on businesses and the planet, bringing true sustainability at scale to companies all over the world.

Together we have over 300 years of combined experience, over 1,000 global patents, more than 180 sites around the world, and over 11,000 employees committed to helping companies like yours operate more sustainably and effectively.

Our mission at MBC Aerosol is to provide our customers with the best machinery possible to fit their needs and budget. It’s very important to us to make sure you are getting the very best service in the industry. We will NEVER sell you something you don’t need just to make a sale.

Mexichem’s Fluor Business Group is a global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of fluoroproducts that play a fundamental role in enhancing everyday lives. Our products are used in a vast range of applications including the construction of towns and cities, keeping homes cool, food fresh and even in the treatment of respiratory conditions as we provide the medical propellant for around 80% of the world’s Metered Dose Inhalers (MDIs).

Nexreg Compliance Inc. is a full-service chemical product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring, consumer and industrial label review company. The Nexreg team of consultants and partners are experts on chemical product related regulations in key jurisdictions, and facilitators of product stewardship worldwide.

PLZ Aeroscience is the North American leader in specialty aerosol and liquid product manufacturing. The PLZ family of companies specializes in the development, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of a comprehensive line of contract fill, branded and private-label products. The company formulates, blends, fills and packages more than 2,500 products including industrial solvents, lubricants and degreasers, adhesives, sanitary supply disinfectants, insecticides, cleaners, polishes, air fresheners and personal care products.

Serving the needs of the electronics, aviation, and life sciences industries.

Since 1965 Terco has developed a broad range of industrial, personal care, sanitary and food grade filling systems to complement any filling package.

From conventional aerosol laboratory equipment to high-speed continuous motion rotary turnkey Bag-On-Valve filling lines, Terco continues to be a leader in the aerosol industry.