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Aeropres supplies propellants and chemicals to the Aerosol Market and to the polymer and plastic foam blowing industries.


Now, more than ever, your brands must compete. Nothing gives you greater leverage in the marketplace than a winning fragrance. It’s what consumers love about your products and what they always look for. Today, Arylessence planners and perfumers can re-shape your fragrance platform, improve product performance, and strengthen your connections with consumers – as you effectively manage your fragrance investment. Let us apply our skills and planning tools to help you move your business ahead.


Cap & Seal Company is a privately-held manufacturer specializing in metal closures for the aerosol, refrigerant, liquid candle and other industries. We welcome the opportunity to produce custom products to order. In business continuously since 1957, Cap & Seal Company services customers or customer groups with stamping requirements as small as 300,000 pieces annually and as large as 500 million annually.

Emerson's Cascade packaging gas leak detection analyzers and systems utilize Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) and Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) technologies to provide unmatched measurement performance and reliability in real time. Ideal for Aerosol Packaging, Food Packaging (MAP), and Pharmaceutical (pMDI).

Clean Earth's commitment to recycling aerosols and various consumer commodities is unmatched in the waste disposal industry. Our state-of-the-art aerosol recycling technology is capable of recycling over seven (7) million cans per year. Our technology stands alone as the only in the nation capable of capturing and separating the propellant from aerosols for recycling and re-blending into fuels at this impressive volume and speed. Captured fuels are used as a cleaner burning alternative to coal for producing electricity and powering cement kilns. Clean Earth’s innovative recycling methods are stepping up to the environmental challenges and responsibilities to properly dispose of aerosols. By thinking of this waste stream not only as an environmental responsibility but also as a potential resource, we are able to achieve our environmental sustainability goals while offsetting the cost of processing the material. Speak with Clean Earth today about a solution for your company’s aerosol or other consumer commodity recycling needs.


DCPC manufactures and supplies liquefied gas propellants, as well as custom blends of Propane, Isobutane, n-Butane, DME, 152a, 134a, trans-1,2 trichloroethylene, HFC 365, and Vertrel XF. We provide engineering services and can assist in the design and construction of aerosol manufacturing facilities.

In 2005, DS Containers opened the doors to a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Batavia, IL. Using proprietary technology developed by their Japanese partner, Daiwa Can Company, the 236,000 square-foot facility produces a unique two-piece steel aerosol can that has made a significant impact on the North American market. After 10 years of success, they were expanding and needed additional space. Just one mile northeast of their headquarters, in West Chicago, they broke ground for a 300,278 square-foot build-to-suit distribution center and a 250,000 square-foot build-to-suit plant for future aerosol manufacturing lines.

DSC produces a two-piece container with no side-seam, an integral dome, corrosion resistant interior, and a contemporary shape. Customized printing in up to eight colors, as well as a pressure release option, is available. They offer the shortest lead times and lowest minimum orders for printed cans. Six sizes, 205x604, 205x710, 211x315, 211x413, 211x604, and 211x713, are currently produced. While initially focused on the aerosol market, this distinctive container is easily adaptable to liquid products. It offers marketers a consumer-preferred alternative to the traditional three-piece can.

Markets Served: • Automotive • Duster • Food • Household Products • Industrial • Insect Sprays • Paint • Personal Care

Supplier of textile, leather, glass and masonry; water and oil repellents

LANGGUTH is a labeler manufacturer, owned by the Langguth family for 85 years. As the world’s oldest manufacturer of primary package labelers LANGGUTH offers a broad portfolio of designs suited to aerosol, coatings, chemical, and personal care products. Building labelers for cold glue, pressure sensitive, hot melt cut and stack, and hot melt roll-fed requirements in rotary and inline formats, LANGGUTH can satisfy most requirements for labeled containers. For hazard rated areas LANGGUTH relies on cold glue formats to build to ATEX / Class 1 standards. From modest speed to 600 cpm each LANGGUTH labeler is custom built to project requirements. Known for quality and efficiency LANGGUTH’s heavy duty designs provide decades of valuable output. LANGGUTH AMERICA Ltd. provides domestic sales, service, engineering, and assembly throughout the Americas. Next time, Get Glued with LANGGUTH!


Montebello takes pride in being the tube supplier companies choose as their partner of choice for marketing new opportunities. Montebello manufactures Aluminum Tubes and Cans, Aluminum Marker Barrels, Laminate Tubes, both Foil and All-Plastic Tubes for Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Cosmetics, Household, Industrial and Food products. Montebello has 58 years of tube production experience with dedicated facilities located in the United States and Canada. Our product specific Laminate and Aluminum Plants optimize in creating the highest quality tube. Montebello offers a knowledgeable sales force, flexible run sizes, in-house graphics department and responsive customer service support.

RSC Chemical Solutions is a family owned business since 1924 that manufactures automotive and industrial chemicals under the brand names GUNK, Liquid Wrench, Motor Medic & TITESEAL. RSC Chemical Solutions also provides turn-key private label packaging solutions including formula and graphics design.

Techspray®, a division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), is a leading manufacturer of chemical products and soldering tools for the electronics industry. Techspray formulates, blends, and packages a wide variety of chemicals and assorted support products for the electronics industry, heavy industry, and plant and equipment maintenance including degreasers, contact cleaners, flux removers, dusters, conformal coating, solder mask, water-based cleaners, desoldering wick, soldering tips, and the popular Plato shear cutters.

Since 1965 Terco has developed a broad range of industrial, personal care, sanitary and food grade filling systems to complement any filling package. From conventional aerosol laboratory equipment to high-speed continuous motion rotary turnkey Bag-On-Valve filling lines Terco continues to be a leader in the aerosol industry.